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Unlike any of those currently involved in 20-20, I joined it at a time before it had any tenancies or policies, in 1985, as 12th member.  I thus helped to make 20-20 in a way that cannot be said of any others involved in the following.  And I was uniquely on 20‑20 management for 5 years before becoming a tenant.

There developed a shortage of volunteers for the management, so it became wide open for deceitful ill-intentioned persons to take control.

Three years after I joined, Nic Bliss and his partner Lucy Bastin joined, and from then on 20-20 became increasingly secretised and with information and control centralised on Nic Bliss, in his flat and computer. 

Nic Bliss decided to make a career of housing co-ops and so he became much more knowledgeable than anyone else.  So members started assuming everything he said was expert truth.  He noticed that other members were mindlessly believing whatever he said, even when it was untrue.  This gave him a great power of deceit which he was at liberty to abuse.

He developed a pretence of being a nice honest decent person when behind the scenes he was actually a callously nasty barefaced lying harasser.


He devised underhand schemes to harass other tenants.  Some of this harassment is detailed in my book The Housing Corporation Scandal with additional points in my “Amended” Counterclaim paras 8-31, and especially para 16 (see links at left to “My book” and “County Court”).

Nic Bliss drove Mike Talbot into the grave with his lies and abuses and then moved into his victim’s flat 3/18 Park Rd (the best in the co-op).  Then he started a new set of lies and abuses against the tenant below in flat 1/18.

Then in May 2005, he, Midge Miller, Julius Swift et al switched to a similar campaign of criminal harassment against myself, well aware that I was severely ill with untreated dental mercury poisoning.

I am a trusting person very far from given to paranoid interpretations. But two months later the facts had become clear of the malign motives underlying the deceits that Nic Bliss, Midge Miller and Julius Swift were deploying. I tried to challenge these lies and other abuses in the 20-20 committee but as you can hear for yourself, Nic Bliss, Midge Miller and the other members of the Nic Bliss clique all clammed up and refused to be recorded in any meaningful discussion.  You can hear my attempts at recording on the “Audio” page here.

You can read my transcripts at the back of my book.  You can hear on this site how Nic Bliss, Lucy Bastin, Lynn Mansell et al conspired to prevent the other members such as yourself from knowing what was going on in your co-op.  Supposedly I, the secretary and longest-serving member, could not be trusted with any confidential matters that might be mentioned.  So much for the professional “community-building” of charlatan Nic Bliss.

What you are hearing there is the exact equivalent of as if Tony Blair had walked out of PM's Question Time refusing to answer any questions. Inexcusable evasion of due accountability to the other 20-20 members who own 20-20.

More corruption

As my book explains, the Nic Bliss / Lynn Mansell etc clique then went on to fundamentally pervert 20-20 into a totally secretised pseudo-co-op.

And BCHS was likewise corrupted by the personality cult of its "star" worker “Saint” Nic Bliss, so I got no help from there either.

I reported these abuses to the Housing Corporation (HC) but it too proved to be corrupt.  The HC is in the business of promoting £Billion development deals, enthusing about how wonderfully friendly community-buildingy are housing associations and co-ops.  This conflicts with its role of exposing how nasty they can be when controlled by crooks like Nic Bliss.  So the HC just pretends it is regulating the co-ops, and they in turn pretend they are being regulated.  Meanwhile harassed tenants just get persecuted even more.

I spent months struggling to write that book under conditions of both illness and harassment.  I ordered six print copies and just then I received a court notice seeking my eviction.  Their legal case consisted entirely of clearly false legal arguments and criminally perjurous false testimonies from Lynn Mansell and Jacqueline Rooker.  So I decided to put aside distributing my book and let the court sort out the crooks instead.

Corrupt Legal System

Due to the abysmal crisis state of the legal aid system I was unable to get any legal aid (as detailed in Application for extension of time on “County Court” page).  But I noticed that I had five (later six) solid defences and so with huge effort and time I sorted out how to run my defence myself.  And the eviction was in breach of four clauses of the Regulatory Code/ Residents Charter.  

The 20/20 clique misused the rent money of myself and yourself to employ a barrister.  And yet not a single genuine fault was shown in any of my six separate defence arguments.  Instead Judges Truman, MacDuff and McKenna deployed 35 cheap falsehoods, all 35 against me which has a chance probability of less than 1 in 3.4 Billion. 

The abuses by those judges are now listed for trial by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg (see link “Euro-Court”).  And the abuses by Lynn Mansell, Lucy Bastin, Midge Miller & Co. are also being referred there, as explained in the addendum to my ECtHR application.

Preparations are also being made for the liar judges to be put on trial before a jury, who will not be party to the masonic backscratching and so will find guilty. This will attract a lot of publicity and open up the whole can of worms of the improper eviction and the harassment crimes hiding behind it. A criminal trial of the harassment would be quite complicated but the trial of the liar judges will be very straightforward because all the proof already exists in the court documents.

There’s a lot more going on.  All this information is being compiled into a cracking book to be published by Civitas.  There is my ongoing counterclaim against the harassers.  And in respect of that I have now sent letters to the Secretary of State for ‘Justice’ (see link to “UK legal system unfit for purpose”).  If he fails to respond properly I will make an application to Strasbourg about that too.

Please now check out the audio files and full documentation on other pages of this site, via the menu links on the left at top of this page.

[P.S.: Subsequent to the above, the 20-20 crooks have now conceded their £6200 of (criminally-granted) costs orders by way of a Consent Order in order to avoid having to publicly defend their callous crimes at the hearing of my counterclaim. This is despite that my counterclaim was criminally limited to £5000 by the liar judges. My ECtHR application against these nasty crooks still stands pending however.]

 Nic Bliss, callous criminal
 Nic Bliss, callous conman
Nic Bliss, callous crook

Midge Miller, violent thug

Lucy Bastin,
at illegitimate secret meeting (with Miller and two others) conducted secret trial evicting a seriously ill harassment victim from his home of 17 years in gross violation of ECHR8, ECHR6 and HC Reg Code

Phil Brown (BCHS),
another of these moral degenerates
Jon Stevens (BCHS "Director"),
useful idiot

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