20-20 Housing "Co-operative" perverted into
a secretive clique of harassers;
their criminality now to be exposed in Strasbourg/Crown Court.


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UK legal system unfit for purpose

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Hear harassment audio

I made tape recordings at two committee meetings (when I was Secretary) and later made further recordings of harassment by committee member Edward Cox.  They are here transcribed from my tapes to mp3 and wav files which your computer should be able to play; if not contact me rpc(at)rpcc(dot)info for help (or find out via web search). 

I should add that the bicycle you hear being vandalised is not a common-or-garden one but a 1963 Moulton with frame specially widened to take hub brakes etc etc, of a specification which no bike shop could sell you for even £3000. Due to very tight entrance to my flat it had to be stored in the common hallway where it caused no problem whatsoever as this photo shows.

Depending on your computer's settings you may just need to click on these links. Or you can easily download these audio files by right-clicking on the links and then selecting "Save As" (or whatever). Select to save the file to a memorable location then click "open" or on the file to open in your usual audio player.  (Some websites will not include the wav files.)

20-20 committee meeting August 2005 (transcripts at back of book)
20-20 Aug 2005.mp3 (2.5Mb)
20-20 Aug 2005.wav (33Mb)

20-20 general meeting October 2005
20-20 Oct 2005.mp3 (4.7Mb)
20-20 Oct 2005.wav (29Mb) 

20-20 elected committee member Eddie Cox harassing me Robin Clarke (just three recordings of several). He was later (on 7 December 2006) found guilty of throwing a brick through my kitchen window (just after I got home from taking my Strike-out application to court). A few days later he again threw a brick through my window, at which I installed a perspex sheet. Needless to say, they didn't apply to evict him.
EdCoxThreats.mp3 (1Mb)
EdCoxVandalism.mp3 (3.4Mb)
Pestersdx.mp3 (4Mb)
(same as following but with extreme variations in loudness evened out, caused because I was speaking right next to the microphone and on same side of the door )

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