20-20 Housing "Co-operative" perverted into
a secretive clique of harassers;
their criminality now to be exposed in Strasbourg Court.


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Stalingrad 1942

   "But we were only obeying our lawyers' orders!"

Lucy Bastin / Lynn Mansell

In the case of Nic Bliss, Midge Miller and Julius Swift, I know from direct knowledge that these three are callous barefaced liar crooks.  In the case of those so-superior judges, well they could plead a defence that they are the utterest of innocent prats but somehow I don’t see that happening. 

In respect of Lynn Mansell, one might charitably suggest that perhaps she is just a fool who deludes herself that she is acting properly when not.  If so we have to have the remarkable situation that an RSL has an idiot for a chairman.  A less charitable interpretation does seem much more likely.  At best she must be a moral imbecile, akin to those who went along with Hitler in condoning abuses "because the lawyers said it was ok".

In respect of Lucy Bastin, a plea of idiocy or gullibility is less credible.  She is a lecturer in some rather complex computational fields that are pretty incomprehensible to myself, and even has her name on a patent.  In fact she’s probably smarter than most professors.  So it seems hardly credible that she could have unknowingly failed to challenge any of the slimey steps towards the fundamental perversion of 20-20 into a secretive totally unaccountable clique.  I can only guess that Lucy Bastin could have been all the more under the deluding spell of the conman Nic Bliss due to being his partner for many years.

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