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I have already detailed the corruption of BCHS in various parts of my book.  But subsequent to writing the book I learned from three other sources of serious malfunctioning of BCHS.

Firstly, while discussing with the housing solicitor Julian Boyle at the Saltley Law Centre, he recalled how odd it was that BCHS officer Sheryl Blake had seemed to be peculiarly keen to get another 20-20 tenant evicted, whereas normally housing officers are disinterested about evictions.  That same Sheryl Blake was significantly involved in my own case, and very uncommendably so, as detailed in my book.

Secondly, when I talked with Ladywood HLB members, they told me how they had had bad experience with BCHS involvement in the stock transfer proposals process.

Thirdly, my acquaintance of 30-years Howard Boyd explained how a charity he had been involved in had had some “assistance” from Jon Stevens and BCHS.  As a result of that “assistance” the charity and its directors had been driven to the verge of bankruptcy.

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