20-20 Housing "Co-operative" perverted into
a secretive clique of harassers;
their criminality now to be exposed in Strasbourg Court.


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County Court

For the time being I won't put here the Nic Bliss clique’s court documents (as I don’t have them as computer files).  If they wish to send them I could put them here but they don’t add a great deal as I totally tore apart their deceits in my own documents anyway.

All the documents on this page are pdf files for which you will need the Acrobat reader (which you probably have, else see links at right).

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Part 18 Request For Further Information (RFFI)
The clique of crooks made a non-reply to these very pertinent questions.  Indeed they went out of their way to be as minimal as possible in their disclosures in striking contrast to my own extensive information.  Any proper court should draw the obvious suspicion that when one party is so open with information whereas the other solidly clams up, those who are less open almost certainly have all the unworthiness on their own side.

Defence and Counterclaim
Skeleton Argument (re applications)
Application to strike out the Claim
Comment on Lynn Mansell Second Statement
Application for extension of time for appeal
Skeleton Argument (for Appeal)
Grounds for Appeal re Stay of Eviction Warrant
This above introduced a point closely related to my sixth defence argument (never given any hearing), that the eviction would be in multiple breach of the Regulatory Code and Residents Charter.
Letter from Community Law Partnership
to Circuit Judge McKenna
(who never replied
- well, the transcript recorded him lying four times about this after all)

“Amended” Counterclaim (mangled per the directions of liar judge Truman)

There were some other documents from me but of less importance.

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