20-20 Housing "Co-operative" perverted into
a secretive clique of harassers;
their criminality now to be exposed in Strasbourg Court.

My book

Hear harassment audio

County Court


UK legal system unfit for purpose

Lucy Bastin /
    Lynn Mansell


What you need to do now!

Contact me
Robin Clarke
email (put "@")
tel 0121 456 4274 (answers on 4th ring)

What you need to do now!

Firstly, be wary of who you talk to in 2020 or BCHS.  Your enemies are very cunning at pretending to be your friends.  They do helpful things in order to fool you into trusting them with bigger things.  There may be others who are not intending to be harmful but who are still deluded that the clique consists of good honest people and so they will betray your name to your enemies.  If you aren’t 200 percent sure of a person don’t talk to them about this yet.  Just contact me instead and we will work out how to sort the sheep from the goats.  Among the secretive clique I can for now confirm at least the following.  Nic Bliss, Midge Miller, Julius Swift, Lynn Mansell, Lucy Bastin, Jacqui Rooker.  And Eamonn and Stephanie Williams and Brian Duffy are at least sheepish associates of the rest of the clique.

Beware of all the staff of BCHS too (till we have established otherwise). 

The first thing you should do is to contact myself in confidentiality and tell me your own contact details.  We can then discuss getting a process together to challenge the crooks in 20-20 and end their reign of terror and deceit before can they turn on you.  In due course they are damned anyway as the truth is not going to go away. Instead it will just get worse for them!

Contact me -
(you must put "@" sign in the email address!)
Robin Clarke, email rpc[at]
tel 0121 456 4274 (answers on 4th ring)
c/o 115 Salisbury Tower B18 7DB.

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