20-20 Housing "Co-operative" perverted into
a secretive clique of harassers;
their criminality now to be exposed in Strasbourg Court.


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The European Court of Human Rights is far less secretive and cliquey than the highly secretive county courts.  Most applications to it get ruled inadmissible.   The admissibility criteria are indeed very challenging. Normally one would have to have previously made a Judicial Review application under the HRA, but in this case (seeking compensation in respect of a judicial abuse) that cannot apply.

This ECtHR is a very different matter than the secretive corrupt county court.  It is international with far fewer cases (so vastly more prominent) and the Russian and Turkish presidents will be pissing themselves on reading of what the uk’s “honourable” judges get up to. 

Statement of Facts pdf

When read with reference to the other court documents, this Statement of Facts demonstrates the 35 cheap lies that were deployed by the liar judges Truman, MacDuff and McKenna.  The proof of their criminality does not depend on trusting my word but instead rests sufficiently in the pre-existing documents and the court transcripts.  Please note that the first of the falsehoods is somewhat more technical than the rest.  But anyone with basic familiarity with the relation of the HRA to eviction cases cannot fail to see the deceit involved there.  It certainly won’t be lost on the ECtHR.

Addendum to my ECtHR Application pdf

This addendum shows how the illegitimately secret procedures of the “20/20” crooks Lynn Mansell. Lucy Bastin, Midge Miller etc were also in violation of the ECHR charter, and that they were acting effectively as a public authority and therefore required to comply with it.

Another application to the ECtHR is also pending (re which I will send more info to worthy ears only).  This new application brings the actual harassment into the remit of the international ECtHR.

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