20-20 Housing "Co-operative" perverted into
a secretive clique of harassers;
their criminality now to be exposed in Strasbourg Court.

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UK legal system unfit for purpose

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UK legal system unfit for purpose

This document shows that the UK civil "justice" system is in reality a corrupt scam. I can't rule out the possibility that there are some uk judges who aren't crooks but from my own experience it looks very conceivable that they all are.

To Lord Chancellor Jack Straw 7th October 2008 pdf
Note that this document continues after its blank second page.

Preparations are also being made for the liar judges to be put on trial before a jury, who will not be party to the masonic backscratching and so will find guilty. This will attract a lot of publicity and open up the whole can of worms of the improper eviction and the harassment crimes hiding behind it. A criminal trial of the harassment would be quite complicated but the trial of the liar judges will be very straightforward because all the proof already exists in the court documents.
All the barristers in the universe won't be able to pretend away the fact that not a single genuine fault was shown in my five defences such as to justify the lies of Truman, MacDuff and McKenna.

There are also important other things going on besides this above. But as malign unworthy people will also be looking at this site it is not appropriate to add any more here.

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